CFE Services: Brian Catanzaro

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Brian Catanzaro, Ph.D. has been working with tools from Zemax for over 20 years.  Using these tools he has:
  • Designed and analyzed 100’s of optical systems
  • Written ZPL scripts to automate design and analysis
  • Created DLL’s to increase the capability of Zemax Optic Studio with new surfaces, non-sequential objects, and analyses using C / C++
  • Authored ZOSAPI applications in C# / Matlab to automate the design and analysis of complex systems
  • Integrated Zemax Optic Studio with SolidWorks and Nastran using their API tools
Dr. Catanzaro was among the first external users to test and debug the new ZOSAPI in both C# and Matlab.
Dr. Catanzaro is an independent consultant in the field of product development of systems with optical technology operating as CFE Services ( ). He holds a Ph. D. in Applied Physics from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of University of California, San Diego as well as a B.S. degree in Applied Physics from the California Institute of Technology.
Dr. Catanzaro has published numerous papers in various fields including hyperspectral instrumentation, head mounted display, biological sensors, biomedical devices, stable structures for space borne instruments, and optical metrology. He has been active in the medical device development, biotechnology, aerospace, telecommunications, microlithography, semiconductor fabrication, and military sensors. His expertise includes product development in areas of advanced technology. This includes mechanical, optical, heat transfer, and fluidic system design and analysis, prototyping and testing of complex systems.
Dr. Catanzaro has worked on programs for DARPA, USAF, NRO, NRL, NASA, and ESA as well as many product development teams for both startup organizations as well as large corporations. Dr. Catanzaro has worked on technology development for NGST, was invited by ESA to participate in a Tiger Team effort to validate metrology on the Herschel Observatory Space Telescope, the largest space telescope built for launch is currently the lead optical engineer on an instrument that produces the highest throughput genome maps. Currently, Dr. Catanzaro is the lead telescope optical engineer and architect of the wavefront sensing and control for GHAPS, a NASA mission to build the largest, most precise optical telescope launched on a balloon platform.

Phone:  (858) 204-6299