China - Shanghai ZZCS Optics Ltd – Qunyan Zhang

Qunyan Zhang (张群雁)
No. 2027, Rongle East Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai
Phone: +86 13564591769

Qunyan says:
I started to use ZEMAX from 2003, with more than 15 years of optical design experience. In 2012, I founded Shanghai ZZCS (ZiZaiChuanShang) Optics Ltd. to provide optical design, training, prototyping, and testing services. Our team has extensive experience. When doing the optical design, we can not only effectively improve the nominal design performance, but also pay more attention to factors such as material selection, tolerancing, work environment, etc., to enhance the final performance of the optical system while bring the cost down. Your vision of optics can be delivered by ZZCS Optics.