United States - Perdix, Inc. - Kenneth E. Arnett

Perdix, Inc.
435 South 44th St.
Boulder, Colorado 80305
Phone: 303-543-8077

Kenn says: Commercial and Scientific Optical Device and Applications Development. We design for manufacturing!

  • Recent Commercial Patent Activity
  • 2 patents awarded, 4 pending
  • Zemax raytracing and Physical Optical Modeling
  • Optical Modeling, Device and Applications Prototyping
  • Optics and optoelectronics using linear optics, nonlinear optical crystals, polymers, and liquid crystals from the UV to the far-infrared in free-space or in waveguides.
  • Microscopy and photoluminescence imaging systems
  • Coherent light source development for LIDAR, trace gas sensing, or fiber optic telecom.
  • Low noise, precision photodetectors

Recent projects include:

  • Trace gas sensing using LIDAR or near-field techniques, including methane and ethane;  
  • LED illumination and camera systems; photoluminescence imaging systems;
  • fiber optics and devices for DWDM or fiber optic telecom;  
  • solar cell inspection equipment;
  • terahertz technology;  
  • solar coronagraphs;  
  • miniature and micro-optics;  
  • high resolution optical touch screen and improved radiance light emitting diodes;  
  • cryogenic actuator development for infrared optical devices; near-field scanning optical microscopy;
  • nonlinear optical fiber development; organic nonlinear optical material evaluation; and MWIR voltage-controlled liquid crystal waveplates.