Zemax Solutions Providers

There are times when employing a consultant is a better use of resources than undertaking a design yourself. Ansys Zemax does not offer design consulting services because we concentrate solely on developing our software and supporting Zemax product users. We do not want to compete against our own customers!

To find a list of Zemax product users who work on a consulting basis, head over to the Zemax forums. The subforum People & Pointers is a space for users to share their work and self-promote their business. Consultants on the site are called out with a dark blue “C“ on their profile picture. By clicking on a consultant's username, you can access their public profile to learn more about their focus areas. You can also view their post history to get a better idea of their expertise.

If you are a Zemax user who provides consulting services, log into our forums and update your public profile by clicking on your profile picture and selecting Settings. We also encourage you to post about your business on the People & Pointers  forum!