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Dr. Volker Tuerck
Phone:  +49-30-40520617
Cell:  +49 176 23128118
Fax:  +49-30692055809
Volker says:

We provide technical consultancy in the field of optics design and development.  We use Zemax on a daily basis since more than 15 years in any possible application fields. Dr. Türck Engineering has excellent expertise in the development and  design of optical systems, be it for imaging optics, fiber optics or   illumination systems. In the past ten years they have worked for a wide   range of small and large customers in areas ranging from aerospace optics   and medical analytics to fibre-optical communication and traffic lighting.   Dr. Türck Engineering provides support over the entire design process,   from the early concept phase to simulation and modelling and to tolerance   analysis and preparation of production. Our job is not only to provide optimal   solutions but also to em¬power the customer and to develop his skills. We also provide public and in-house ZEMAX classes in German language.