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Optecks, LLC
4815 S. Harvard Ave, Ste. 330 
Tulsa, OK 74135
United States

Telephone: (918) 625-3396
Fax: (918) 970-6397 

Hakki Says: Optecks provides customized optical system design solutions for systems and applications utilizing DLP technology. Optecks has developed several optical projection solutions for the 0.7” DMD, optical modules for compact and efficient coupling of light sources to and from DMDs, and a series of modules that broaden the range and measurement capabilities of the DLP NANO NIRScan. Optecks’ position as Texas Instruments Authorized Design House allows Optecks to access, work with, and develop systems for many of the newest DLP technologies. Hakki Refai, Chief Technology Officer, has over 10 years of experience in developing optical designs of DLP illumination and projection optics for a variety of applications, including 2D displays, 3D machine vision, 3D displays, near-eye displays, 3D printing, advanced digital projection, and portable spectroscopy.