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OpticsWorks Inc.
Principal Engineer - Igor Landau.
(650) 387-5083
Igor Landau has 30 years of Electro-Optical engineering experience specializing in Conceptual Design,
Electro-Optical System architecture, Analysis and Prototyping and mass production using US, EU and Asian supply chain.   
Igor has studied Optics and Optical Engineering at the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester
and Electrical and Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University.   
Igor begun his career at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics and has held Principal Architect and Project & Program technical lead roles at 
KLA-Tencor, Ultratech Stepper, Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center, Google [X] and a number of startups.    Additionally, 
Igor has consulted for leading companies including Microsoft, Google Life Sciences (Verily) Applied Materials and numerous startups.
I am interested in helping customers develop innovative electro-optical and opto-mechanical systems from concept to turn-key prototypes to volume production.     
I like working with start-ups, especially in the early conceptual and prototyping phases as well as assisting with transition to production.
My expertise include novel optical design utilizing refractive, reflective, gradient, liquid crystal and diffractive optics. 
Custom design and fabrication of diffractive optics/DOEs including sub-wavelength (meta) lenses.
Design-for-manufacturing using a modular approach for facilitating alignment and integration.   
Rapid prototyping and low cost mass production using US, EU and Asian optical supply chains.
My Skills include:

Optical system design, analysis and tolerancing in ZEMAX       
Reflective and Catadioptric optical system archetectures   
Optics & coating for wavelengths from EUV/VUV-FIR/THz  
Fiber optics, planar/lightguide and waveguide - based imaging systems    
Scanning systems utilizing MEMS, Acousto-Optics and polygon - based scanners.     
Design utilising molded and cast optics for high volume low cost mass manufacturing.

Diffractive (DOE) Optics design w/VirtualLab and other modeling & simulation codes.  
Hands-on rapid DOE prototype fabrication using optical lithography as well as mass production via replication
Subwavelength, meta surfaces lenses/gratings/waveguide/nanophotonics - based diffractive optics 
analysis and design using RSoft & Lumerical including custom prototyping using e-beam lithography
Physical beam propagation modeling with GLAD and LightTrans VirtualLab.

Coherent imaging and non-imaging optics for Bio-Medication applications and Semiconductor Inspection 
Laser beam delivery systems including beam shaping and homogenization for material processing applications.        
Straylight analysis, suppression techniques and hands on custom scatterometer design and turn-key AI&T.
Polarisation optics R&D and testing and custom wavelength ellipsometer design and prototyping.
Hands-on Interferometry experience testing complex optical objectives  as well as complete optical systems
and design of interferometric test setups including custom (diffractive) Null Lens design and fabrication.
Data acquisition and analysis in Mathematica

Opto-mechanical design, tolerancing and FEA including
Optical and Opto-Mechanical passive & active Athermalization
Nanometer class precision and stability monolithic optical assemblies
including DUV and VUV Lithography lenses and Space Optics
Extreme optics including underwater, air and space payloads from low to high TRL
DFM experience employing both modular and monolithic approaches
including alignment, integration and AI&T tools & procedures design.
Coating design & analysis in TFCalc and Macleod and
hands on experience with thin film coating fabrication & testing.    
High power/energy laser optics and coatings design for max LDT
Hands-on optical manufacturing grinding, polishing and SPDT experience.    
Additionally OpticsWorks Inc. also provides assistance with
Intellectual Property development and review for competetive advantage
writing SBIR proposals and related business plans
as well as Technical Marketing Research.
our primary office is at:
OpticsWorks Inc. 
7440 Singing Hills Ct.
Boulder CO 80301
(650) 387-5083
we also have a satellite office in the Silicon Valley at:
OpticsWorks Inc. 
643 Forest Ave.
Palo Alto, CA 94301
(650) 387-5083