United States - Optikos Corporation

Stephen D. Fantone, Ph.D. 
President & CEO
Optikos Corporation
107 Audubon Road
Wakefield, MA  01880
Phone:  617-354-7557
Fax:      617-354-5946

Stephen says: Optikos provides optical engineering and product development services to a broad range of clients including manufacturers of video conferencing products, gene sequencing instruments, medical devices, consumer products and military electro-optical systems.
We manufacture optically-based test instrumentation that can be found in laboratories worldwide, and offer prototyping and production capabilities to clients who prefer to take advantage of our comprehensive manufacturing infrastructure. Clients also depend on us for our full service in-house laboratories that offer state-of-the-art Modulation Transfer Function lens and imaging sensor testing services. Our creativity has been acknowledged with the awarding of over 70 US patents covering a broad range of optical technology and products.
Whether you turn to us for individual services or complete systems development, you’ll work with the most experienced independent optical engineering group in the world. Our team includes individuals with broad design skills, expertise and advanced engineering degrees as well as highly skilled optical technicians who will help solve your optical problems and bring your ideas and concepts to reality.